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It’s been a while. Too long. You knew where I was going and when I got back this blog sat, tickling the edges of my guilt.

“Write something,” it said.

“I will,” I said, “later.”

It’s later.


I went here

Sydney Harbour BridgeAnd there

Kanangra WallsDid this

Am Writing...sshhhhAnd that

The Bathing FacilitiesThen moved house so I could see this from the bottom of the garden

Sunset at the new placewhich is all well and good but it didn’t put any words on this blog or this one either.

Maybe I burnt out slightly after managing around 35,000 words during the trip for The Novel but bills needed paying so I did more of this instead of writing.

This is about to be rectified, maybe.

Make mine Merrell

One thing is for sure, my boots took a battering – I needed new footwear. Something that would be okay for popping to the shops or schleping along the estuary. They didn’t have to be waterproof (I’ve others for that) but they did need to be comfy. After a bit of a search I settled on Merrell’s Avian Light Sport Gore-tex.

Merrell Avian Light Sport Gore-texAnd they’re everything I expected.


Merrell Avian Light Sport Gore-texlight, cool enough with the breeze coming through the mesh to make sure my feet don’t stink (too much), sturdy enough to cope with a battering, great for gardening, walking, popping to the shops, rebuilding, decorating and fighting off battalions of dragons with a two-year old.

I’ll find out soon enough how they stand up to a weekend of bivvying in a rain-soaked wood. (More of that another time).

The sole has great traction, as perfect for clambering over a rocky beach or up a mountain as they are on pavements. They “provide women’s specific stride-sequenced cushioning” whatever the doozy that means. All I know right now after two weeks of general life-bashing (with my own prescribed orthotic innersoles rather than the supplied Ortholite® anatomical footbed) I’ve not had a single blister, no achy legs or complaint about pongy toes.

AND (as a good friend just pointed out on the phone) they’re Merrell’sso they’ll last for ages and you can’t put a price on a good pair of shoes“.

Well you can, but he’s right – you can’t go too wrong with Merrell.


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Because life is too short to stay indoors…


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Ancient technology is more fascinating to me than 21st century technology. Despite spending most of my working life plugged in, there was always something missing. Maybe it’s the time spent outdoors, maybe it’s the spark of creative play ignited, maybe I just like getting mucky. Ancient technology is all of these things and more.

It’s pretty easy in many areas of the UK to find a decent bit of clay to slop in a bucket and take home to process. If you’re very lucky, you can dig and shape the clay straight away.

Dry your pot before firing

Dry your pot before firing

All you need to do now is dry and fire your pot. (more…)

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Guy Mallinson's Woodland Workshop - here be fairies

Guy Mallinson's Woodland Workshop - here be fairies

I’m on a bit of a journey with the bushcraft and have a growing fascination with ancient technology. Simple, effective, natural. My latest experience saw me getting down and dirty at Guy Mallinson’s Woodland Workshop on a Primitive Pottery course. (more…)

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ExmoorWords are powerful things. They conjure different responses and it’s relatively easy to mis-interpret an author’s meaning. I’ve had a hard time coming up with the words for this latest post, my weekend on Exmoor, as I feel some mis-interpretation may occur. The words I use are my own. They may mean something different to you. I shan’t try to explain my meanings. (more…)

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Woodland Sunbeam
Awakening the senses to feel the energy and power of nature is not a prerequisite of bushcraft courses, but quite often it’s an inevitable result. (more…)

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Benefits of Bushcraft for Adults

Bushcraft Camp and FireLocked into our work and family routines can take up so much time that little is left for connecting with nature. Living in the frenzy of the modern world means it’s often easy to forget our natural connection. When was the last time you went leaf catching? Or cloud watching? Or walked barefoot in dew-soaked grass? (more…)

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