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Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore in the snowFrom one of my favourite bears, one of my favourite poems – especially in this weather. When winter knocks on the door I can hear it going round and round inside my head, my footsteps a constant rhythmic accompaniment. A mantra if you will, or maybe just a wish. (more…)


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The Weather

Surface Pressure Chart UK Weather MapI’m British. We talk about the weather. We tell each other what it’ll be like tomorrow, next week, next winter.

Our self-fulfilling prophecy abuts our day along with the grey news. It’s bad out there, it’s miserable, hooray for some sunshine. (more…)

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buy less
drive less
turn off the lights
recycle any waste
for fun…fly a kite!
compost food from plate to plant
reuse what you can
buy less
drive less
it’s a start, it’s a plan.
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